White-faced Storm-petrel by Göran Ekström
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Transparent utfyllnad Bird sounds
A Cory's Shearwater calling loudly.
Photo: Bosse Carlsson
All seabird calls below were recorded on Selvagem Grande at night on 8-9th July 2005, except the Bulwer's Petrel, which was recorded at Selavgem Pequena. The equipment used for the recordings was a 256MB MP3-player (with a microphone input) and a sensitive Vivanco microphone. All the Little Shearwaters and Madeiran Storm-petrels were recorded close to the field station.
   For those interested in recording the calls of seabirds at Selvagens, I think that Selvagem Grande probably is the best place to do it. Here you can hear (and record) all the species breeding in archipelago in good conditions, which means you always find shelter from any possible winds that can make disturbing noise when recording. On the rather flat and low island Selvagem Pequena proper recordings are very difficult as it's very hard to find complete silent and sheltered places where you can record without wind disturbance.

All sound files below is in MP3 format
(If you of some reason can't play MP3's on your computer you can always download and try the free media player Winamp from this external website)

Bulwer's Petrel (Bulweria bulwerii)
  1) 24 seconds (237 KB) Its contact call resembling a barking dog. Bulwer's nests much closer to the shore than for example the shearwaters. (Recording by Steve Gantlett on Selvagem Pequena).
Cory's Shearwater (Calonectris diomedea borealis)
  1) 62 seconds (975 KB) This sound scape of Cory's filled the air constantly! Calls of Madeiran S-p's is heard now and then throughout this recording.
  2) 31 seconds (500 KB) Note the deeper and harsch voice of the female at the middle and end of the recording, as well as the calls of a Madeiran Storm-petrel at the end.
  3) 13 seconds (208 KB) A male bird calling at nest.
Little Shearwater (Puffinus assimilis baroli)
1) 14 seconds (230 KB) Note its soft whistling trill, which is somewhat higher pitched with a more regular rhythm than Manx. The call of a Madeiran S-p is heard now and then.
  2) 38 seconds (601 KB) A Madeiran S-p is heard in the foreground now and then as well as Cory's in background.
3) 15 seconds (241 KB) A Madeiran S-p in the foreground after a few seconds.
Madeiran (Band-rumped) Storm-petrel (Oceanodroma castro)
1) 66 seconds (1 MB) The most frequent call, which resembles the sound of rubbing a wet finger against a window glass. A few Little Sheawaters heard in background.
2) 39 seconds (615 KB) Probably 3-4 calling birds involved on this recording. It start with the calls of Cory's and ends with a Little Shearwater.
3) 23 seconds (374 KB) A short and faint "rubbing" call recorded at nest. Another more distinct "clicking" sound (not available here) were also heard at their nests. A contact call?

All recordings above made by Niklas Holmström at Selvagem Grande on 8-9th July 2005, except Bulwer's Petrel, which was recorded by Steve Gantlett on 7-8th July 2005.

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